Accessibility at General Conference

MCC is committed to a gathering of our General Conference that is accessible to and inclusive of all who attend. To that end, we are paying specific attention to all areas of access in order to serve a variety of abilities among our MCC family.

For general knowledge on our efforts, please review the following information.

Because we are a diverse community, it is important that we hear from you specifically about any need for your person, environment, or mobility to fully participate in conference. We will do our best to anticipate needs, but will be more successful with your assistance and communication. Please send us your questions, concerns, past experiences and needs as soon as possible, and no later than 60 days prior to conference. This allows us to plan for your services and ensures they will be available upon your arrival. Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests for accommodations that are received on-site. On-site changes and assistance will be limited due to the sheer number of needs at our conference. Planning ahead will help us avoid problems with participation at conference!

Please also review the FAQ Page for additional information to assist you in planning for your accommodations and travel.

Help everyone have a great conference experience! Look over this document to ensure that you are doing your part to help others access Emerge.


For questions about access and accommodations services, please contact us at

MCC Accessibility Guide & Information
MCC Accessibility Guide & Information
MCC Accessibility Guide.pdf
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Conference Materials Access

Business meeting materials are available online for your review and study. The following alternate format options are available. Please contact us at by 1 March 2016.

Large-Print Materials will be available upon request (18pt font. format). If you require large print material, please email us at by 1 May 2016. We may not be able to accommodate requests received after this date.

Audio recorded versions of the program book, worship bulletins and business packet will be available to download prior to conference. Please contact us for more information.

Seating is available at the front of all sessions. So that we can adequately plan for space needed, please request these arrangements by 1 June 2016 with

Mobility Access

All-conference, worship, workshop, and social activity seating will be flexible to meet the needs and preferences of attendees. Please do not block the aisles. Accessibility Assistants will be available to those in need of help for your convenience and empowerment. To sign up for this service, please contact us at

Hyperactive and Compromised Immune Systems / MCS / IEI /TILT

Please review the FAQ Page for recommendations for your travel and participation at the Conference. The Conference requests all attendees to refrain from the use of perfumed products and smoking.

Green Space

Arrangements have been made for service animals to relieve themselves in the grassy areas around the resort. Whenever possible, properly clean up after your animal. If you experience difficulty in cleaning-up after your animal, let the volunteers know at the Accessibility Table near Conference Registration and we will find assistance for you.


Hotel – Accessible Guest Room

A portion of the guest rooms are accessible and MCC has reserved these rooms for General Conference attendees. If you require an accessible room, contact us at

Staff can also work with you to accommodate standard rooms to meet your needs. Accessible rooms are limited and will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis..

Medical Equipment

If you need to rent medical equipment on-site contact


If you will have medications with you, please review the FAQ Page for details on travel with your medications.

Mobility Devices (walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters)

It is recommended that you travel with your own mobility equipment. If you need help locating a rental facility, please contact us at

All Conference events will be set with accessible seating, allowing open space throughout each worship, meal and business meeting for you to choose seats. Please do not block the aisles. If accessible seating is not available in the area you wish to sit, contact the volunteers at the accessibility table to help make arrangements.

Program Access for People with Hearing Disabilities

The following accommodations are available for people with hearing disabilities.

  • Volunteer ASL Interpreters will be available at all worship and business sessions.
  • ASL Interpreters are available for breakout sessions. More information to come on arranging this service.
  • Seating is available at the front of all sessions. More information to come on arranging this service.

Service Animals

Please see the FAQ Page for important travel planning details for your service animal.

Special Dietary Requirement

If you have food allergies or require a special diet please notify us. Staff will make arrangements with the hotel staff to accommodate your needs as best as possible at all conference meals. The staff is prepared to accommodate the following requirements: food allergies, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, low-sodium, vegetarian, and vegan. Staff will work with attendees with other dietary requirements to determine the best plan to meet their needs.

For meals on your own, we recommend you contact the hotel in advance and speak with Guest Services to ensure your needs can be met. Additionally at each meal on your own, notify your server of your special dietary requirement.

We also recommend that you pack or ship foods that are appropriate for you to make your trip more comfortable.


Emotional Self and Peer Support

Conference workshops, subjects and speakers can impact attendees in deep and lasting emotional ways. A chapel area for self-guided art activity, calming and meditation space, and expressive movement will be available for general use. This is not a therapy area. Rather, this area is self-serve and intended for use by adults and supervised children and youth for your emotional balance and healing.

Sighted Guides and Orientation

Arriving a day or two early can provide you an opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with the facilities and the locations of events and activities. A sighted volunteer can give you a tour of the facilities to orient you to the hotel. Please contact us at to arrange.

Translation and Interpretation

The official business language of MCC is English, yet we recognize and celebrate that a rapidly increasing number of our people speak other languages. We want to ensure that workshop materials, worship resources, and business materials will be accessible to everyone. We also want to do everything possible to ensure that language will not be a barrier when our people interact with one another in worship, plenary sessions, workshops, and informal social interactions.

If you speak a language other than English and have any language or translation questions or concerns, please contact us at

If you are fluent in French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish and would like to be a volunteer translator of the written word or interpreter of the spoken word, please contact us at