Children/Youth Programs

MCC General Conference should be a time of celebration and renewal for every member of the family—including the little ones!

That is why LifeJourney MCC is excited to offer the dynamic programPrint “Echo the Story” by Sparkhouse for all MCC families during General Conference 2016. “Echo the Story” is a powerful way to “experience the biblical narrative through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue.”

Each day of General Conference, children 3 years and teens to 18 years will set out on a journey through the stories of the Bible using art, movement, creative writing, and imagination in an effort to take the story out of a dusty ol’ book and make it real. By discerning the ways in which the story is echoed in their own lives, we trust that each small child and teenager will see their own faith developed in the process. And, along the way, the stories of God we find in the Bible will become their stories as they find themselves in the text.

The LifeJourney MCC ministry teaChildrens Programms who will be working with your children are eager to move the story beyond letters on a page and to give them life through a myriad of ways. Our team of trained, safe, alert, and entertaining volunteers are thrilled to spend time with the children of MCC while storytelling, creating, dancing, praying, imagining, and more. And to “Echo the Story” to its fullest, we want to invite each child to explore the world around us through field trips to places like Beacon Hill Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria Butterfly Gardens, and more. The story is best understood when it is lived and experienced and that is what we hope for all the children of MCC.

For more information on the “Echo the Story” from SparkHouse MCC General Conference program click here or contact Rev. Melody Merida, Minister of Congregational Life at LifeJourney Church, at 

If you would like to volunteer to participate in this holy experience with the next generation, please contact Rev. Melody at the email address above.

All volunteers will need to obtain a background check before being considered.