NOW is the time to look into visa requirements

US Citizens:

You need a passport to enter Canada.

If you do not have a current passport please check the requirements to obtain one here

Note: If you are planning to drive and live in Washington State, Michigan, Minnesota, New York or Vermont you may enter Canada with other forms of identification. If you are planning to fly, you MUST have a passport. Check your eligibility for an endorsed license here.

People from other Countries:

Unsure if you need a Visa?

Check the Visa requirements for your country of citizenship here.

Making a stop, even just a layover, in the United States?

Check the Visa requirements here.

Part of the charm of Vancouver Island is the journey. Fly, drive or cruise – there are versatile transportation options for traveling to Victoria.DSC_0005

Consider flying through Seattle and hopping on the Victoria Clipper for a scenic way to travel.  Airline discount codes and options to get to the hotel from the airport/Victoria Clipper will be available closer General Conference. Look back in September of 2015 for more information on flights.

Because Victoria is some distance away from a major International Airport, please plan to arrive by Sunday afternoon in order to be in attendance for Monday morning’s plenary and Monday afternoon’s business forum where questions can be asked about anything on the Business Meeting agenda.

We are also planning a fun social event on Sunday night that you won’t want to miss. Look for details on that in April 2016.

Ways to get to Victoria


We will be working with a travel agent who can help you figure out the best way to get to Victoria. Because reservations for 2016 are not open, the service is not yet available. Look at the options below to have a sense of ways you may consider coming to Victoria.

1. Fly into Victoria! Note that Victoria has a very small airport with limited flights so this option will be more costly than traveling into a larger airport.

We are excited to partner with Air Canada for this event. Use the discount code of 10% off with Air Canada.

If you are flying into Victoria, use the code: D4MBPXT1


Only flights booked through Air Canada will be eligible. Book today!

2. Fly into Vancouver! If you are flying into Vancouver, book with Air Canada and save 10% by using the code: D7F6UNF1

After you land in Vancouver, you will hop on a bus, then to a ferry for a beautiful hour and 30 minutes trip across the water. Look at the ferry schedule to plan your trip.  Please note that ferry times are approximate as the 2016 schedule is not available.

If you are doing this option, we recommend booking with Pacific Coach Lines, who will take your luggage at the airport and get you all the way to Victoria booking a seat on their charter bus that goes on the ferry.

Click here for more information on booking Pacific Coach Lines with MCC Discount.


3. Fly into Seattle: Once you land in Seattle, you can take the Light Rail from SeaTac to the University Street Station  (about 40 minutes; rail runs every 10 minutes). Hail a taxi for the mile jaunt to get you to Pier 69.  Hop on the Victoria Clipper (passenger ferry) for a beautiful ride in the Puget Sound between the San Juan Islands into the Straight of Juan de Fuca for about 2 hours.

You can also rent a car in at the airport and take the ferry to Victoria from Anacortes, which is about 90 miles north of Seattle. The price is approximately $83 round trip to bring a regular vehicle on board.

4. Drive: You can rent a car in Seattle or Vancouver and drive to Victoria. Make sure to consult the ferry schedules so you plan your trip accordingly.